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Electrician Oleg installed a breaker panel in place of the fuse box in my kitchen. Before I always had trouble with burnt fuses. I liked the job and the price was very reasonable.
- Melanie R.

We are very happy with Ros Electric’s services. They replaced knob and tube wiring in our old house (80 year old) that was a must to get fire insurance when we purchased this house. Following the inspection of the electrical authority (that they also arranged) we got a report that helped us to get very good insurance rates. The work was done quickly, and the quality was very good.
- Rick M.

Ros Electric electrician worked in my night club and installed all lights and replaced wiring, and hooked all kitchen equipment. I was very happy with the job and recommend this electrician to everybody who wants quality work.
- Michael Roberts

Oleg corrected deficiencies indicated by electrical authority general inspection for insurance purpose, as my house has aluminum wiring and had some electrical issues that must be improved so that I could get a better rate for the fire insurance. I like the job and recommend Oleg and his company to anybody who needs an electrical contractor.
- Peter Johns

I am happy to recommend Ros Electric Contractors to any homeowner who requires electrical work to be done. They helped with electrical work and inspection with my basement and did an amazing job!
- Tiffany Clark